New Dawn Party
Family, Community and Country.

Family, Community and Country.

The New Dawn Party Supports the British majority.

EU: Save over £14 billion every year by leaving the EU.

Water and Sewage: We will provide these services for free.

Road Tax: We will scrap Vehicle Excise Duty.

TV Licence: We will scrap this fee.

Foreign Aid: Stop government spending our taxes and save over £13 billion every year.

NHS: Increase spending in the public health care sector.

Police: Increase policing and put officers back into our local communities.

Crime: Introduce life sentences for murder, paedophilia, rape and drug dealing.

Immigrants: Deport all illegal immigrants and significantly reduce legal immigration.

National Minimum Wage: Ensure all age groups receive the same rates of pay for minimum wage.

Congestion Charges: End these additional road fees.

Cold Calling: Unsolicited phone calls illegal, as they are harassment.

Prostitution: Make both the selling and paying of sexual services a criminal offence.

Voting: End 'First Past The Post' and introduce 'Proportional Voting'.

Economy: Revive british manufacturing.

Environment: Increase national recycling.

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